The RVU Project is the certification and documentation program for the Remote User Interface (RUI) technology for home networked television entertainment. The RVU technology enables video content and the same consistent User Interface to be displayed on consumer electronics devices in the home without the need for a set-top box at each TV.
The RVU Project maintainins the RVU standards, managing the product certification process to ensure interoperability among devices implementing RVU's RUI technology, and educating the market about RVU technology. RVU is a deployed, mature technology, with User Interface generation based on vector graphics, utilizing the HTML-5 Canvas layer found in all modern web browsers and industry standard DLNA protocols for in home video stream management.
RVU is the basis of DIRECTVs highly successful Genie home client/server architecture. Learn more.
The RVU Project is hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).  Learn more about CTA at CTA Tech.
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