How to Identify RVU Capable Devices

Confirm your product has the latest software running on it.

Refer to your products manual on how to check the software version or check if an update is available. It is always recommended to keep your software updated.

Check your product against the RVU Certified Products List

The RVU Project maintains a list of all products that have received RVU certification. Please refer to for the complete list.
You can also search the product manufacturers website for more information on their RVU capable products. These may either be referenced as RVU or referencing the content service provider. Example sites include: and

Look for the RVU Logo

The RVU logo looks like this :  or this
RVU is designed to act as a virtual set-top box. As with a standard STB you will generally find the RVU function on your TVs Source/Input list. Some examples are shown below.






For other app based devices such as gaming platforms you may have to download your RVU application from that products App Store. Search for either your service providers Apps or for RVU in the store and follow the instructions on screen.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment to Run RVU?

You will need a service provider supplied RVU compliant server and an account with that service provider.
Note that RVU is a technology product name and that service providers may choose to brand their RVU service specific to their needs. For example DIRECTV use the brand name Genie for their server and “DIRECTV Ready” for their RVU compliant client products.