In 2014 RVU Alliance (the predecessor to the RVU Project) began participating in the ENERGY STAR Television product specification development process, supporting the inclusion of a "Thin Client Capability" definition to increase awareness of the energy saving benefits of RVU  technology in televisions. As a result, the ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements Product Specification for Televisions Version 7.0, effective October 30, 2015, includes the following:


Thin Client Capability: The ability of the TV to receive, decrypt, and display encrypted content provided by a Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (MVPD) over the Local Area Network via a server device co-located on the customer premises without the need for a client device at the TV.


Thin Client Capability and MVPD-ready Information: Products that have Thin Client Capability as-shipped or are otherwise MVPD-ready shall:

i. Report the presence of Thin Client Capability and supporting information including, but not limited to, interoperability protocols, decryption, and decoding functions for display on the ENERGY STAR certified products list; and

ii. Inform the consumer in the user manual and/or on-screen prompt that the TV may be capable of operating without a set-top box from an MVPD.


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